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Top 20 Holi DJ Songs Best Holi Dance Music Song

Top 20 Holi DJ Songs Best Holi Dance Music Song

Hello, Guys here’s you found Top 20 Holi DJ Songs 2017. A great Festival Holi was initially a celebration to praise great harvests and ripeness of the land, yet is presently a typical remembrance of a legend from Hindu Mythology. The story is that there was at one time a ruler who detested his child, Prince Prahlada, loving Lord Vishnu. He tries to kill the ruler on a few events yet flops every time.

Top 20 Holi DJ Songs Best Holi Dance Music Song

On this occasion, people  celebrate and listen Best Holi Dance Music Song. according to old stories the ruler’s sister Holika who is said to be invulnerable to blazing sits with the kid inside a fire. Notwithstanding, the sovereign rises unhurt, while his close relative blazes in the fire and bites the dust. Holi recollects this occasion, and gigantic blazes are scorched on the eve of Holi as a typical representation. The celebration is likewise connected with the unceasing adoration for Krishna and Radha, and thus, Holi is spread more than 16 days in Vrindavan and also Mathura – the two urban communities with which Lord Krishna shared a profound alliance.

Top 20 Holi DJ Songs Download

Song Name (128 Kbps)
01 – aaj na choddenge  Download Mp3
02 – Aao Re Aao Khelo Holi Biraj Me – Sapan Chakravarty Download Mp3
03 – Ang Se Ang Lagana Download Mp3
04 – ang se anga Download Mp3
05 – Are Ja Re Hat Natkhat Download Mp3
06 – Dil Mein Holi Jal Rahi Hai – Kishore Kumar Download Mp3
07 – Do Me A Favor Let’s Play Holi Download Mp3
08 – Ey Gori Download Mp3
09 – Holi Aaee Re – Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor Download Mp3
10 – Holi Aayee Re – Kishore, Lata Download Mp3
11 – Holi Aayee Re Kanhai – Lata, Mohd. Rafi Download Mp3
12 – Holi Ke Din Download Mp3
13 – Holi Re Download Mp3
14 – Holi aaye re Download Mp3
15 – Holi main ude Download Mp3
16 – Holi aai re Download Mp3
17 – Holi khele Download Mp3
18 – Holi ki din Download Mp3
19 – Holi re Download Mp3
20 – Holi holi re holi Download Mp3

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Best Holi Dance Music Song 2017 Download Free

Holi is set apart by vivid parades joined by people melodies, moves and a general feeling of loose fun. These days Holi is a reason for youthful Indians to shed their hindrances and rank contrasts for a day of fun. Young people spend the day being a tease and getting into mischief in the boulevards, and everybody pursues every other person around, tossing brilliantly hued powder and water over each other.

The celebration starts on the night of the full moon. Flames are lit on road corners to purge the demeanor of malevolence spirits and terrible vibes, and to symbolize the decimation of the underhanded Holika, after whom the celebration was named. The next morning, the avenues load with individuals running, yelling, snickering and sprinkling.

Top 20 Holi DJ Songs Best Holi Dance Music Song

Holi is a lively celebration that gives Indians the chance to partake for entertainment only exercises with their loved ones.

The merriments of Holi start near midnight on the prior night Holi with campfires being lit. Preceding the blazes, it is customarily the occupation of men and young men to gather fallen wood and leaves to smolder in the campfires as a part of the image of the finish of winter. Some of this custom is changing today with timberland trees lamentably being chopped down for blazing.

The shades of Holi are extremely exceptional and add to the energy of the day. Before, the hues that were utilized on individuals’ skin were common however a large portion of them now are man-made and some even of hazardous chemicals abandoning a few people with skin irritations. Amid the celebrations of Holi, individuals toss or spread scented, brilliant powders over each other.

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